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 GF questions

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PostSubject: GF questions   GF questions Icon_minitimeThu Jul 02, 2009 10:26 pm

Ok so I cannot play GF but I do have a few questions about the game.

1. How does the guilds work?

2. I have heard that you can obtain a exocore when done with Mission mode (Boss mode). Is this true?

2b. What are the exocores?

3. Zombie mode....How do you beat it? (This is incase that when it DOES come out I will know what I am doing)

4. What do Shamans specialize at? (Striker = Offense, SF = Speed, Ele = Long-Range Edit by ADIO, SP not long-range, Alch = Defense, Shaman = ?)

5. Is one of the only reasons why you play GF is because of the try-out system in shop?

1-4 are technical questions
5 is a Opinion question

Please answer honestly. Thank you
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GF questions
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