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 2 new Animes: Dragon Drive and Speed Grapher

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2 new Animes: Dragon Drive and Speed Grapher Empty
PostSubject: 2 new Animes: Dragon Drive and Speed Grapher   2 new Animes: Dragon Drive and Speed Grapher Icon_minitimeSun Jun 28, 2009 12:52 pm

While looking at the link Abbx gave us about watching Animes online I managed to find 2 animes I believe is worth watching. Here is how I will describe them:


Dragon Drive

Genre: Action adventure

Description: Young Reiji Oozora is a middle schooler whom doesnet seem to want to do anything. In response, his friend Yakino introduces him to a Virtual-reality Battle game called Dragon Drive. In DD, players are given their own personal dragon to battle with and it is chosen based on the personallity of the player. Unfortunatly for Reiji, His dragon (named Chibi) happens to be the weakest dragon in exsistance...

Opinion: The story is actually quite good once the characters get to a certain point. The dragons themselves are beutifully done and there is no end to the excitement intill the end. Problem is that at some points the story "looses you" if you know what I mean.
Bottom line: 8/10

Speeed Grapher

Genre: Suspense, Adventure

Description: The world has plunged into chaos after the economic downfall (another depression). A young photogropher ends up loosing his passport in Japan and now hes basically stuck. He then goes to investigate a club for the super rich and wealthy (Note that there is only 2 classes: Super rich or Super poor) and finds a young girl named Kagura. The photographer manages to save Kagura and run away with her after she has given him the ability to kill anyone he takes a picture of. Now the photographer and Kagura are on the run from the owners of the club whom also possess bizzare powers.

Opinion: This anime is short lived, but It makes it up in its suspense. One reason I like it is that it reminds me alot of DN. I cant really say much else.

Note: Has Nudity, Violence and a whole lot of curse words.

Bottom line: 8.5/10.
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2 new Animes: Dragon Drive and Speed Grapher
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