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PostSubject: Rumble Fighter General   Rumble Fighter General Icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 10:27 pm

You guys are just putting any kind of crap in there. No. Its for Rumble Fighter DISCUSSION, and anythign of the sort. If its something about you and doesnt involve RF, stick it to Life or General (not RF General). If its about videos, RF Video section. I made sections for a reason guys! Abide them. If I looked at Rumble Fighter General right now, only 25% of the posts abide these rules. Dont post random things either, like :

(Thread/Where it should be)

Might be quitting for a bit/Guild Talk
Playing a new game/ Other Games
Guess what/ General
I gotz new video! / Rumble Fighter Videos
TRADE ME! / Guild Talk
DRAGONICA WOO! / Other Games
Guild Warzzz / Guild Talk

no...all of those belong in different sections.
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Rumble Fighter General
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