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 Project: Forum Activity

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PostSubject: Project: Forum Activity   Project: Forum Activity Icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2012 10:46 am

Let's get these forums more active! I'm tired of logging in and seeing nothing happening. If you read this start telling people in-game to check out the forums. We can prepare a few new threads to get some topics going, and enforce the old once-a-week at least requirement. Discussion is important and we aren't always online at the same time, so this is the only other way it's possible. The in-game guild discussion boards are bad, so yeah.

Let's get this going. I'll THINK ABOUT giving some kind of prize of this happens. It should be happening regardless but yeah. We used to have 15-20 guild members checking the forums daily. It's too little now.
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Project: Forum Activity
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