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 Information Thread

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PostSubject: Information Thread   Information Thread Icon_minitimeSun Dec 19, 2010 5:18 am

Thought I'd make this since I've learned some interesting things lately.

- These are sub-classes that basically give 2 different skills.
- You can achieve one for free upon reaching level 25, and probably once released anyone 25+ may choose as well.
- The other you can buy with astros around the price of a typical scroll. So yes, you can have both.
- Assassin basically gives the same amount of critical hit rate as critical eye, I BELIEVE. NOT CONFIRMED.
- Saver lets you get back up from the ground instantly in ANY CASE OF BEING KNOCKED DOWN by pressing the grab keys at the correct timing.

Family System
- Can be created by someone at level 14+
- Cannot be joined if you are not level 13-
- People who join before they hit level 14 may stay in the same family even after they reached the level you normally can't join one.
- You may be a family member if you joined before 14, and create your own family as a creator while still being the other ones member.
- The bonus for family MEMBERS is a 5-20% carat/exp increase every game.
- The bonus for the family CREATOR is getting gift boxes relevant to the total experience gained by all your family members.
- Within gift boxes are items such as enchants, gems, FAMILY ARMOR (family exclusive), potions, and other various items I'm unaware of.

- Purpose of family system is to help new players get bonuses so when they reach the level, THEY can help newer players, and so the chain grows.

Pick-up Box
- Unsure of total purpose, but bought astro items will end up in here, and you have to check them out in order for them to appear in your inventory.
- Unconfirmed, but if you sell astro items, you have 10 days to recover them within this box in case you change your mind or maybe got hacked.
- To recover, you must buy back with the same amount of carats you were given for selling.
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Information Thread
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