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 Permanent items in the boss chests.

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Head Of STaR

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PostSubject: Permanent items in the boss chests.   Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:23 am

Perm Item List:
Banshee Top(45 Day version too. The permanent ones lucky.)
Blue devil Tail/Red Devil Tail (SP +24, Arm+2 - Permanent)
Zircon of Health (all Type of Gems +2??)
Halloween Earring (Permanent)

30 Day Item List:
Banshee Hat 2
Banshee Hat 1 (30 Days -- +1 JMP, +1 STR)
Banshee Shirt
Blue Devil Tail
Red Devil Tail
Blue Red Black Ninja Mask
Blue Red Jack Hat
Blue Devil Mask (30 Days -- Regular Stats)
Red Devil Mask (30 Days -- Regular Stats)

3 Days or less/Limited Usage:

Inscribed Rock (3 Days, nobody knows what the hell this is.)
Lesser HP Potion (10 Uses)
Lesser SP Potion (10Uses)
Ringside KO (3 Days -- Regular Stats) "All colors"
24-hour omnisensor.
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Permanent items in the boss chests.
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