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 Getting sick of female character items in RF

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Ambitous STaR
Ambitous STaR

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PostSubject: Getting sick of female character items in RF   Sat Aug 01, 2009 11:56 pm

Fuck them. They always get slutty ass clothes that give INSANE stats for cheap prices. Good examples would be the new beach stuff they just got, the new girly girl hair which gives over the top stats, and the worst set of them all. Those two 4500 carat bikini items that give better then most astro clothing stats. Its getting really obnoxious, to me at least. I dont know about you guys but if you believe other wise, Then Id like to inform you that your wrong XD jk. But seriously, RELEASE SOMETHING COOL FOR MALE CHARACTERS TOO!
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Getting sick of female character items in RF
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